• Quality Fresh Meat Straight From Our Baralaba Piggery

    Baralaba Butchers prides itself on providing the best cuts of fresh meat to the surrounding area. With a slaughterhouse on site at our piggery, our pork meat is delivered stress-free straight from the farm. You won’t find tastier, fresher cuts anywhere else.

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The Best Meat on the Market

We offer a wide range of beautiful cuts of meat for sale. As the preferred provider of many local butchers, you’ll love the quality and the taste straight from our stress-free farm. Our product range includes pork chops, ham, bacon, sausages and more. For competitive prices and unbeatable quality, order yours today.

20kg for $10 per kg
Only $200

  • 3kg cooked leg ham
  • 1.5kg bacon rashers
  • 2kg bacon bones
  • 2kg boiling bacon
  • 2kg roast pork
  • 1kg loin pork chops
  • 1kg pork spare ribs
  • 2kg shoulder pork chops
  • 2kg pickled pork
  • 1kg pure pork sausages 
  • 1.5kg crumbed pork steaks
  • 1kg pork mince

30kg for $8 per kg
Only $240

  • 4kg cooked leg ham
  • 2kg bacon rashers
  • 1.5kg bacon bones
  • 3kg bacon chops
  • 3kg boiling bacon
  • 3.5kg roast pork
  • 2kg loin pork chops
  • 1.5kg pork spare ribs
  • 3kg shoulder pork chops
  • 2kg pickled pork
  • 2kg pure pork sausages 
  • 2.5kg crumbed pork steaks

50kg for $6 per kg
Only $300

  • 6kg cooked leg ham
  • 4kg bacon rashers
  • 2kg bacon bones
  • 5kg bacon chops
  • 5kg boiling bacon
  • 5kg roast leg pork
  • 4kg loin pork chops
  • 3kg pork spare ribs
  • 5kg shoulder pork chops
  • 5kg pickled pork
  • 3kg pure pork sausages 
  • 3kg crumbed pork fillets

100kg for $6 per kg
Only $600

  • 12kg leg ham
  • 6kg bacon rashers
  • 4kg bacon bones
  • 10kg bacon chops
  • 12kg boiling bacon
  • 10kg leg roast pork
  • 8kg pickled pork
  • 6kg loin pork chops
  • 12kg shoulder pork chops
  • 4kg pork mince
  • 8kg pure pork sausages 
  • 6kg crumbed pork fillets
  • 2kg pork spare ribs

Home Delivery

We offer a convenient and reliable home delivery service to our customers at no extra cost! We deliver to Rockhampton, Callide Valley, Capricorn Coast, Central Highlands and Gladstone. Delivery can be organised to other areas.
Take advantage of this offer today! 

Enjoy the best pork meat Central Queensland has to offer.
Call to order now on 0407 145 232

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